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Hello the web site has been updated simply because we're too good to fade into nothing, simply put we are destruction and you are stupids.  We are still open to play parties this is why we have a party website, we are so party, yeah!  (Henry Tuppinshire we are fucking coming for you)  In other new we are hoping to make some sort of fantasy torture page, the tortures will involve Tim Henman with a badger in his ass.  Please come to Stars in Your Eyes on the 2nd of July in Flicks as we are going to crash the fucking party.  If some one would be so kind as to bring a tub of mashed potatoes and a pipette we will attempt to put the mash into William Blakley.

We have added some more stuff here because your stupid little eyes probably couldn't handle reading it you babys.  Soon to be released the Richard Pervis EP,a collection of fucking awesome tunes that you could probably fuck to or other stuff like eating.  It will be priced accordingly.  Here is a picture of some cripples kids that we know. 

We are back to three members after a big fight in a carpark when James cried like a bitch, the three members are: Octopus McWinter, Super Trump Card aka The Ace of Clubhearts and Jones. We are fucking mean now ever since we made Steven cry.