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Bio (degradable?)

So who are the new bad guys in town??

Octopus McWinter

Age: Jail bait
Face Type: Pear
Favourtie Animal: Kaboose
Phobia: Savlon
Evil Qualities: Liquid anger bolts, care free stupidity.

Super Trump Card aka The Ace of Clubhearts

Age: Perverse (it's like age in a sexual context you dummys)
Face Type: Marrow
Favourite Animal: Matt Goss
Phobia: Suede
Evil Qualities: Samba Samba Dance Party Eyes, Macaroon Ingestion System. 


Age: Ritalin
Face Type: Conical Flask
Favourite Animal: Marimba
Phobia: Russian Pony
Evil Qualities: Turgid Liver Gun, Love Pump Fusion.

Do you lick a dick a day?