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Questionaire straight for the mouth......

Copy this and paste into an e-mail then send it this address---> Spillmouth@hotmail.com ...... you filthy litte bitches....
1) What's you favourite biblical scenerio?
2) Who is your favourite clown?
3) How many times an hour do you hand fist yourself?
4) Who would win in a fight to the de-throning in a Hawkins vs Reeves battle off?
5) Are you up or down?
6) In the animal kingdom who would win out of a pack of machine gun weilding rabbits or a badger in a tank?
7) Who would you rather stick your dick/fist/vagina inside, Bush or Blair?
8) Could you describe a sexual act involving a ping pong ball and a childs hand?
9) Write a poem including these words: Sars, Top Hat Jokes, Dirt and Jazz hands.
10) What's the least ammount of money you'd ask for if you were partaking in baby chimp porn?
11) Lettuce or cabbage?.............inserted.
12) Worrel Thompson vs Fashanu, you decide.
13) Insert a good sars joke.
14) Have the idiots taken over? If yes which idiots and have they taken your virginity?
15) Name three members of the Emia family?
16) Write the entire bass tab for Maxwell Murder.
17) Would you scrape my chode for 10 of your english?
18) How do you tame a trouser ferret?
19) Do you find Anne Robinson strangely arousing?
20) Did you fill this out? Why?
Name on the back of an errand boy.

Not bad, cos we think that she's totally got STD's, she's rad.