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Daniel's Flower Page

"Hey Hey Hey Wizbits! Nice of you to visit Uncle Paul. I'm here to help those nice boys at spillmouth (my favourite band.) out with the ladies, because as you know, I am a MASTER with the ladies although I look a bit like a hobbit...hey hey! So, I've written them some adverts for their very own lonely hearts page. If you would like some help with the ladies/men just email these nice boys at spillmouth@hotmail.com and I will write you your very own advert and post it here. MAGIC! Pass me the crack and the naked Hasselhoff pics..."


"Am I one sexy bitch or what??"


Cobra Seeks.....
Compact woman with sister, twins would be an ideal set up, not ashamed to get nasty whilst partaking in crack consumption.
Rhyno Seeks.....
Woman with extraordinarily large hands and the ability to juggle household tasks with anal.
Wolf Seeks.....
Boy for purely sexual purposes.

Jimmy S Seeks......
Siamese twins not afraid of cigar insertions or ripstop nylon.

Have you ever managed the big strech?  The one where you put your dick into your anus? Answers on a postchild.