If u have not seen Michael Moore's film, "Bowling For Columbine" then this will be rather boring, but hopefully just as eye-opening. During his film, Mr.Moore tries to discover why America has the highest rates of gun crime/murder per year (about 10,000 gun murders) than anywhere else. Mr.Moore talks about the television in America, how the fear is spread throught the Television, on the news each night, the talk of "Angry young black men" or the "annoymous black man", the fear of Terrorism, the fear of not being secure enough against the angry black people and the evil Arab suicide bomber. I have to admit, i did feel he was egging this alittle too much.
I have just spent that last two weeks on holiday. The only television channels were American: CNN, NBC, USA etc. I have now come to realise is that, not only was Mr.Moore not going over the top in his film and books, but was coming somewhere short of close to it. I was appalled by the fear... i almost became fixed to the fear... it was overwhelming, every story was one of some sort of distruction, the job losses, the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, some Saudi Billionaire who lives in a cave, the "president" standing up every day for 2 weeks, that all the countries problems were down to... September 11th, 2001. yes, no matter the question, the US government stood up and said "the terrorist are responsible". the News channels were running a rememberance program ONE WEEK BEFORE the anniversary, showing the same old pictures, making little children cry on the television and say they missed their daddys, and the question that sprung to my mind was...WHY? Too me, this seems to be an almost (i say ALMOST) perfect copy of the 1984 situation dipicted in the book by George Orwell, being that the citizens of Oceana were told they were constantly at war with one of the other two states. This was done because people in fear consume. They feel they have to buy that extra fully automatic heavy machine gun for mounting on the hood of their SUV, they feel they have to spend that $200 on a full Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare suit, complete with Respirator, they feel that the young arab couple down the street are waiting for the right moment to strike with their suicide vests. The people of the so-called "land of the free" are being enslaved. And whats worrying, is u can start to see little things creeping into OUR evening news. Where i live, near london, we get the south london news for our local reports. These are becoming more and more about what the Yardie gangs did today... how many white people were murdered by black people, how many kilos of crack the police busted off some black guy that probably had nothing to do with it. This worries me to a degree where im not sure i can even believe what people say anymore.
   I have read countless figures recently from the Right-wing papers and some from the left wing papers, and some from the Department of Statistics (my old politics teacher worked for them), about many issues, asylum for one, Crime another, and every single one is different. If u read a rightwing paper, something that shouldnt even be used as toilet paper the morning after a curry (some filth rag like the Star or The Sun or the Express), and they continue to feed the people (the stupid people i might add), that Britain is being "over run" by hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, all of whom are being allowed to stay here. THIS IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH. The Truth of all these lies are simple. Britain take only 2%, yes TWO PER CENT, of ALL Immigrants into Europe. Although a large number of asylum seekers have applied in the last few years, the same amounts are being let in. It is true the numbers of applicants have risen, from around 10,000 three years ago to 100,000 this year, however, out of the 10,000 applicants 3 years ago, just over 2,000 were granted asylum. So how many of the hundred thousand applicants are being allowed to stay??

Just over 2,000

so you can see that all this "asylum problem" is just a lie, but one that can be seen through. Crime is another horrible one. The "problem" being that there is a rising crime rate. Yes, thats true, but if u look closer the cause of the rise is mostly Mobile phone theft. But the Media have taken this whole situation out of context. They have blamed the "incompetent police force", which makes the stupid, normal person feel the police are not protecting them. "So who will protect me??" they ask. They will have to look after themselves. This means buying three locks and a security chain, and the state of the art alarm system, panic buttons and rape alert keyrings, this means they wont feel safe in their own home, they fear the police are incompetent.
    The police are not imcompetent, just over worked and forced to do menial tasks. Every time a policeman/woman stops a person, the police officer has to complete roughly 6hours paper work. SIX HOURS? how can we have a effective police force when most of them are too worried about how much paperwork they will have to do if they stop that gang of youths, or how much they will have to do if they stop that motorist. Not only that, but much of a police officers time is taken up doing menial tasks like emissions tests from car exhausts. I would rather have a police officer on the look out for a murderer than checking to make sure my car doesnt release too many emissions.
    So, by now you are probably wondering "why am i still reading this? Firstly he starts talking about America, then British policing!" true, i did, but i explained that the crime and asylum "problems" are not really problems. If we allow ourselves to believe that they are problems then we start taking steps towards becoming the 51st US State (or 53rd if u count Iraq and Afghanistan). We cannot allow the television, a once revolutionary invention, which could have been used to educate, but is now used to enslave.

"The remarkable thing about TV is that it permits several million people to laugh at the same joke and still feel lonely"--T.S.Elliot

"as i sit alone and dream, staring at my tv screen, while im ruining my chance to be with you"---Captain Everything

"They've found a way inside your head, and if you've been alittle bit misled, is not that they dont care yeah. The Televisions put a thought inside your head, it doesnt make you care, its not designed to make you care"---NoFx

"A million brain-washed zombies will always be heard screaming"--Choking Victim
By Andy Hay 

"Oh, and if anyone here is in Advertising and Marketing...kill yourself"----Bill Hicks

Adverts. Thats todays focus of attention in this installment of rambling by me. Adverts are a plague to us. They are the reason that Television is boring and repetitive, and they are incredably annoying as well. But they also make a few people rich and comfortable. Channels like ITV and SKY dont want you to watch the Programmes, they want you to watch the adverts, why?, because the advertisers are paying them to show their advert. The bigger the show, the more they can get from the advertisers. Big shows like "coronation street" and "HeartBeat" and "the Simpsons" have massive amounts of people watching, and so millions of people watching the adverts. If u watched "HeartBeat", a programme of millions of viewers, how many advert breaks are there?? around FOUR breaks. each lasting nearly 5minutes. do the math, thats nearly 20 MINUTES of adverts for a supposed 1 hour programme. during a 30minute programme you will usually encounter 2 breaks. And during the programme u are subjected to advertising as well. in the pub, u get the beers all lined up by the taps, you get the papers, you get the cars. advertising is all around, trying to brain-wash you into a frantic consumer. recently i have become disgusted with things like Coca-Cola and Lynx whose advertsers make some people believe (and you may not know it, but sub-consciously its there) that drinking Diet-Coke will make u fit/thin/sexy and get you laid alot. it makes u deep down feel that if you are not drinking diet coke, you wont get that hot bloke (im taling to the girls here really). In their latest advert, Diet coke shows a lady drinking diet and making herself all horny drinking it, then spies a bloke, but when she stops drinking, it turns out to be a minger in a lairy shirt. Some of you might be thinking "so what?", well this plants an image in your head to those who are not aware of the facts. Sub-consciously you will always reach for a Diet-Coke when you're buying a drink, because u will always feel that its the drink for getting laid with. Lynx show their product (which i must say is absolute shite) as being thing to help get the ladies for us blokes. It doesnt work (i have tried it) and its pointless, but again, gentlemen will always assume that it will, and so you buy it. Another one is Lucozade Sport. Althought i love the taste and its good, the adverts make people believe its the best thing to drink, especially when playing sport. this is wrong and lucozade is quite bad for you if drunk in large doses. the best thing to drink is Mineral Water. I wont put here why Lucozade is bad for you to drink because it would take a long time and its rather boring. but to sum up todays lesson, people who programme TV only want you to watch the adverts. dont bother watching TV, its not really worth it.

"MTV? Thats just one elaborate advert after another."----Jello Biafra
By Andy Hay

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